Thursday, September 13, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

I don't always do this feature {via Sydney from the daybook}, but every odd Thursday, I like to pull it out and tell you what is awkward and awesome about my life :)

  • Walking in those bad boys at Flaxee's wedding.
  • At same wedding, changing into my dress in the backseat of a vehicle and frantically looking around to make sure no one is coming by. 
  • Thinking I had locked the door at a Grassland's bathroom when really I hadn't. "Oh, hello, Jocelyn. Nice that we got that close this soon."
  • Getting told by the Air Canada representative at the airport that I was going to lose my seat on the airplane. Um what??? First time hearing that, EVER!
  • Being asked to remove my hat at airport security. "Ok, security guard, I will comply, but you run the risk of viewing the world's greasiest, dirtiest, unkept, knotted hair . . ."
  • Getting asked by five different Chapters' employees if I needed help, which I didn't at the time. You think I could find one of them when I had a question????
  • Rainy/Windy weather equals Silver-walking-to-school-while-umbrella-blows-inside-out . . . why even carry an umbrella at this point????

  • In Red Deer, we had the friendliest McDonald's drive-thru attendant. All of us in the vehicle were quite appreciative {and blessed}.
  • Um, . . . Flaxee's wedding :)
  • Hanging out with Tim at Flaxee's wedding.
  • Great school & tutoring sessions so far. So far, third year is rocking!
  • My rental SUV, Stephan. He was awesome.
  • Pumpkin spice lattes.
  • New music: Some Nights by fun. and 50 Ways To Say Goodbye by Train.
  • Seventeen more days until the season premiere of ONCE UPON A TIME {check out the promo below}!!!!!!!!!!!!


KatySue Pillsbury said... [Reply to comment]

Eeeep! I can't wait for Once Upon a Time to start up again!!!

Amanda @ Eloquent English said... [Reply to comment]

I know the feeling of changing in a car, but it's more frequent than I'd like to admit! LOL. and for Pumpkin Spice Lattes yes please!

blackberryfashion said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful shoes! New follower :)