Monday, July 23, 2012

No. 347 - Emily & ???

{Spoilers Ahead}

Wow, and I mean, . . . wow.
Now, I know there are plenty of speculations about all the stupid-ness & dis-reality of The Bachelorette/Bachelor franchise {99% true}, but if there ever was a redemption, it was Emily's season.

And . . . SHE CHOSE JEF!

Jef was the guy I was "rooting for" right from day one. When he rolled up on that skateboard with that hair, I was like . . . yep, he's awesome.

Every date they had, my skepticism fell away and I began believing, "This could actually work". 

Then it turned into, "I'm really scared it won't work".

And finally ended in, "YES, it actually worked!"

Last night's season finale when Jef met Rikki {Emily's daughter}, I knew that that relationship could not be more right. Yes, it was difficult and awkward when she "broke up" with Arie, but I respect her so much for how she handled the situation.

And, you should have seen me {or maybe it's better that you didn't}, because this girl was definitely crying happy tears when Jef knelt down and proposed. Happy, happy, happy tears.

So call me crazy, call me delusional, call me a hopeless romantic, call me maybe {whups, wrong scene}, but I wish all the best and every happiness to JEF & EMILY