Thursday, July 12, 2012

No. 336 - Seven Questions Book Review: "The Lucky One"

I really loved this book. Here are my seven answers.

If you could have dinner with one character from the book who would it be?
Definitely Ben! This kid was so interesting to read about, and I feel like the conversation would be entertaining and enlightening. Bring on the chess.

If you could say something to a character in the book what would it be?
I would tell Beth that she is an excellent mother for believing and encouraging Ben and working as hard as she did after he was born. I would say to trust her instincts, because they are good.

How would you rewrite the ending?
To be honest, I'm not going to talk about the ending because it was quite emotional, but I wouldn't change it.

Favourite part?
All of my favourite parts were the long conversations between Logan and Beth. Both of them just needed to talk but for different reasons.

Worst part?
When Keith Clayton brought Beth that picture. Scared me.

What is something new you learned from the book?
I learned a lot about conversation from this book. I learned that it's okay to be silent and just let the other person talk, but it's ok to share your story too.

How you rate/recommend this book?
I would recommend it as an easy romantic, summer read, 3.5/5. Gonna watch the movie next, and {Spoiler Alert} the trailer doesn't give away the biggest parts.

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