Friday, July 06, 2012

No. 330 - Seven Questions Book Review: "The Help"

So I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, but instead of telling you about it, I am going to answer seven questions {originated by yours truly} about the book. Hopefully, this will be fun and enlightening.

If you could have dinner with one character from the book who would it be?
Although I would love to have dinner with all three of the main characters {Skeeter, Aibileen, & Minny), I think I would choose Aibileen. There was something about her character that drew you in and made you feel safe.

If you could say something to a character in the book what would it be?
I would say what Minny couldn't to Celia Foote. I would tell her she's too good for the women who treat her like trash. She deserves so much better. Or I would talk to Elizabeth Leefolt about her mothering skills {or lack of}.

How would you rewrite the ending?
I would keep Stuart & Skeeter together. Even though it was more realistic to have them break up, I am a hopeless romantic and would have written him as more understanding.

Favourite part?
Everything between Aibileen & Mae Mobley. I loved their interactions.

Worst part?
When Hilly Holbrook tried to get Elizabeth Leefolt to set up Aibileen for stealing pieces from the silver utensils set. What a low move!

What is something new you learned from the book?
I know this book is fiction, but I am assuming some of the attitudes the white people had towards the black are true to history. It just really brought to light the treatment of some {most} of the people.

How you rate/recommend this book?
I would recommend it as a stirring, yet enjoyable book to read. Great writing. Great characters. 4.5/5. 
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