Monday, May 14, 2012

No. 277 - OUAT Season Finale

Well, we have come to the end of Season 1 of Once Upon A Time and what a journey that was!
Good news is that it will be back next year for a whole round of craziness and magic.

So, I figured since this was the end not only will I share my thoughts about last night's game-changing episode, but also my thoughts on the season as a whole, Silver-style. Ready? Here are the points on "A Land Without Magic".
  • Best Moment: The first few moments where Emma remembers/embraces the curse and the reality of the situation. At first, we (Shawna, Allie, Robyn, and I) played a little game of does she remember? but once she slammed Regina/EQ into the storage closet, it was ON! Although every character remembering in Storybrook was a close 2nd for best moment.
  • Worst Moment: I actually can't remember one . . .
  • Sad Moment: August W. Booth as a grown-up Pinocchio.
  • Cheesy Moment: When James swooped his cape as he knelt down to propose to Snow (swooped was the only word that came to mind).
  • Character Moment: HELLO SHERIFF GRAHAM/HUNTSMAN! Also Belle! It truly felt like the whole family was together.
  • LOST Moment: The Apollo candy bar in Henry's backpack.
  • Cool Moment: The fact that James' dragon fight was intercut with Emma's dragon fight. Also, this may be the first time ever that anyone has fought a dragon with a handgun.
  • Best Action Scene: There was so many, but my favourite had to be the first one when James was trying to escape the castle.
  • Stupid Moment: I thought Emma could tell when people are lying??? Why did she give Mr. Gold the egg? Why, oh, why??
  • Misleading Moment: Did anyone else think Maleficent the Dragon would be Belle?
  • Suspicious Moment: I actually thought for a split second that they were going to kill of Henry. Alas, we will have him around to state the obvious for at least another season :)
  • Next Episode: Well, obviously it won't be until the fall, but I am looking forward to seeing these characters with their memories and with their magic . . .

Alright, and now for the whole season!
  • Best Episode: I still am going with Episode 3 "Snow Falls" where Snow is all tough girl and takes down James and gives him his "Charming" name. I think this is where I knew this was no ordinary fairytale story.
  • Worst Episode: Episode 14 "Dreamy". I wasn't a fan of the dwarf and fairy storyline. Sorry.
  • Saddest Episode: Episode 7 "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter". RIP Sheriff Graham. Live on as the huntsman.
  • Frustrating Episode: Episode 20 "The Stranger". The one in which August W. Booth is in fact not Mr. Gold's son.
  • Somewhat-Useless Episode: Episode 9 "True North". Hello, Hansel and Gretel. We'll never see or hear from you again.
  • Cheesiest Episode: Episode 1 "Pilot". Which I find can sometimes usually be the case with most TV shows, because they're just getting their footing.
  • Favourite Episode: Episode 6 "The Shepherd". AKA the one in which David and MM kissed <3.
Alright so now that I've exhausted every avenue of talking about this show, I'm done for awhile.
And remember, all magic comes with a price!