Thursday, May 10, 2012

No. 273 - Awkward & Awesome Thursday (Music Edition)

It's Thursday, Thursday . . .
Anyways, time for another round of Awkward & Awesome Thursday with a musical twist.

  • So I am letting all of you in on a little secret. While I lifeguard, I tend to sing to myself. It is done very quietly and [usually] when no one is around to hear me. It is something mindless to do to pass the time, and it does not distract me from guarding. Plus for those of you who know me, I tend to be a permanent songbird, so I'm just working that into my work environment. Anyways, so two days ago, I am standing on the bulkhead doing my scans, but I forget that there is a lap swimmer literally right at my feet. So not only do I break out in song, but it isn't even a song. It is more like a "da, da, la, la, boo, bop, bo". Also, the one time I happen to not sing under my breath is . . . now.
  • A song that has been on my mind recently. Measure your life in love.

Happy Thursday!