Monday, May 07, 2012

No. 270 - I've Got Sunshine & OUAT

Waking up is so much easier when it is sunny out. 
Goodbye darkness. Hello sunshine.

As sad as I am that the first season of Once Upon A Time is ending, they are really going out with a bang!
Here are my thoughts about last night's episode "An Apple as Red as Blood".
  • Best Moment: All the callbacks and crossovers to previous episodes. They really brought things full circle here. Jefferson/Mad Hatter. The ring from Daniel the Stable Boy. Round table scenery. 
  • Worst Moment: I actually didn't care for the dream sequence at the beginning. It just felt too . . . forced.
  • Surprising Moment: If Emma dies, the curse breaks??? Is that the answer then??
  • Unfortunate Moment: August W. Booth pulling out of the Convince-Emma-Train. I love August W. Booth and Henry's interactions, but the fact that he gave up was sad.
  • Girl Power Moment: MM giving Emma what-for for kidnapping Henry.
  • Best Line: "Is this how our lives will be? Taking turns finding each other."
  • Suspicious Moment: Where is Mr. Gold planning a trip? Can he leave?
  • Cliffhanger: Henry ate the apple!!!!!!!!!!
  • Next Episode: Season Finale