Wednesday, May 02, 2012

No. 265 - What's Staying, What's Going, & What's New

Check out the post number . . . 265 photos, which means I only have 100 photos left in my 365-photo-a-day-challenge. Exciting! During this process, my blog has grown and changed so much that I can hardly recognize it from the beginning of the challenge (it used to be all brown . . . yuck). This process has been so rewarding, challenging, inspiring, and life-changing. However as the final countdown is near, I have begun to look to what this blog will look like in the future. I have tried to break it down into three categories . . . 
{1} What's Staying, {2} What's Going, and {3} What's New. 

What's Staying

  • College Girl's Fashion Project - This is definitely staying, however, there are some alterations being made. I want to expand this project to include just regular style posts and not necessarily sewing alterations. I think I have a quirky sense of style, so I figured why not share . . . ? We'll see. 
  • Awesome/Awkward Thursday - This is not a weekly thing (or biweekly thing for that matter). However, whenever I get around to doing it, it is a bundle of fun! However, I may also be expanding it to a bigger playing field. Details still not fully figured out. 
  • Once Upon A Time Reviews - Haha, I don't actually know if this is an appreciated portion of my blog, but I enjoy writing them and the TV show. So let the reviewing continue.
  • Original Photography - One thing I want to continue on this blog is original photography. I do not want to resort to Internet photos for blog posts and will try to include one original photograph per blog post (key word: try). 

What's Going

  • 365 Photo Challenge - Obviously, IT'S DONE!
  • Post Frequency - Here will be the big difference. For a whole year, I have posted EVERY SINGLE DAY, 7 days a week, 52 weeks. While that's been awesome in itself, I definitely will be cutting down on my blogging frequency (at least, I assume that's how it will be). I described it this way to a friend. Right now, out of the seven posts a week, I think maybe three or four of them are really, really good, and the others are just mediocre. My goal in the future is three to four quality posts per week.

What's New

  • Bible Study - I would like to blog about my faith on a more regular basis. I know I post about devotional thoughts or verses already, and although the details are not fully worked out. I think it would be cool to have a weekly or biweekly post either about a Bible verse or a devotional topic or something. Look to see that coming!
  • 1000 Things I'm Thankful For - Now that the 365 photo challenge is finished, I am starting a new challenge. Although this one will not solely be on my blog, I will definitely share the effects of it throughout. Keep your eyes peeled for more details as well. 
  • I would like to expand my blog more. I don't know whether that is linky parties or giveaways or guest blogging or what. However, I have been praying a lot about what my blog is to me and what it's reason is. Again, more on this in the future.
  • 30 Items for 30 Days Challenge - As you can tell, I'm all about the challenges. Sometime I would like to pick 30 clothing items from my closet and where only them for thirty days. We'll see how that will all unfold.
  • Smaller Photography Challenges - Whether that's a monthly thing or a topic thing. However, nothing near as big as 365 photos. That was really a big thing to bite off.
  • 23 Before 24 Challenge - Look for more details around my birthday . . .

So that is a rough idea of what is to come,
and now let's settle in for the homestretch of the 365-day-photo-challenge!


Bella said... [Reply to comment]

I am so excited for everything that will be happening on this blog! PS. I have enjoyed every post you put up. I think I will miss you posting every day. <3