Friday, March 30, 2012

No. 232 - The Hunger Games

Wow, it finally happened. My inner geek was satisfied. Here is the story. 
So ever since Friday, I've been trying to go see The Hunger Games movie.
Friday night, we had just arrived in Calgary for our friends wedding (and even though Shawna told me later
she thought for sure I would be at the first theatre I could find), I refrained from going because it was opening night. 
Then on Saturday was the wedding and the difficult news about a family friend. 
On Sunday, we were travelling back, and I was too tired.
Monday night, I tried to go with Charlie, but our car broke down and the whole ride situation just wasn't working out.
Tuesday night, I had homework :(
Wednesday night, I had Political Science Class.
So that brings us to Thursday night (last night). I was sitting in girl's group, and we were just chatting about life when Larissa said she had seen The Hunger Games on Tuesday night. She was raving on about how good it was, and here were my thoughts, That's it. I can't wait any longer. I will find a way to be at the 9:40pm showing TONIGHT! Well, once the ball started rolling there was no way to stop me. I totally organized the whole ride situation, figured out the money, and roped in my brother and Sarah to accompany me. Needless to say, I thank them for putting up with my ecstatic attitude on the way to the theatre. 

And wow! What a movie! Here are my favourite parts (spoilers).
  • My absolute favourite thing about the entire thing was how little they changed the book. I would say it matched the book about 90% of the time, and really, you can't ask for more than that.
  • All the actors matched my idea of the characters so perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better representation.
  • When I was reading the book, I had a difficult time picturing what the Cornucopia looked liked, but the movie brought it to life.
  • Two things I think they missed: (A) The whole dehydration/surviving/starvation sequence for the first part of the games. It was too easy for Katniss to find food and water. (B) The eyes of the mutant dogs at the end of the games. There was no reference that those were the eyes of the dead tributes. 
  • I really appreciated that the gore and violence was as real and serious as it was in the books, but they didn't have to flaunt it in your face for you to get the point. In other words, the point was made tactfully.
  • They really made the fire dresses/outfits wonderful! That was another thing I was worried they wouldn't do properly, but they did.
  • All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and now, I'm not too certain whether I liked the books or the movie better, but I think that's a good place to be!

Here are some more pictures of my excitedness (made-up-word).