Monday, March 05, 2012

No. 207 - Warm Heart & OUAT

I love walking out of my bedroom and seeing this sight.
It warms my heart :)

I did not like this week's episode of Once Upon A Time save for a few small bits.
Here are my thoughts on "Dreamy".

  • Cheesy Moments: Alright I know this whole TV series is cheesy, but the whole dwarf-and-fairy-fall-in-love was just over the top. I know they were trying to be cute and it probably appealed to little children audiences, but ya . . . no.
  • Best Interactions: Any time Emma interacts with Mary Margaret or David I keep thinking in the back of my mind, that's her Mom and Dad! So when she had the morning chat with MM, I liked it, and when she had the confrontation with David, I liked it.
  • Belle was back!!! I loved her little advice scene.
  • Mr. Gold has a complicated history with the nuns???? Wonder what that throwaway line meant?
  • No Henry or mystery man, August W. Booth, in this episode. 
  • I did like MM and Leroy's interactions, especially when he took out the transformer.
  • Next Episode: David is in jail, and hello, Red Riding Hood!


Crystal Barter said... [Reply to comment]

its my desktop background, that way whenever i study i can see it too...i mean the one of isaac and dad, and not the dwarfs by the way