Monday, February 20, 2012

No. 193 - Fabulous Finds & OUAT

When I went back to Creston this week, I found some really cool things through: 1. Sorting through all my old belongings because our old house sold; and 2. Sweet sales in a town where things are RIDICULOUSLY cheap (even with HST). Here is a run-down of some of my sweet finds.

1. First of all, check this camera out! I have no idea how old it is, how to use it, what kind of film it takes, or where I can get said film developed. Either way, it's awesome! Figuring it out will be my summer project.

2. Old drawings I did. This was done in '99, so I would've been 8.

3. This "skort", lol. The funny thing is that it was probably TOTALLY out of style when I actually wore it; however, now, I think I could pull it off. Bring on the warm weather. 

4. A gazillion pictures. Expect a walk-down-memory-lane blog post soon.

5. My old scrapbooking supplies. In one word . . . yay!

6. And last but not least, these super awesome red rain boots! Hooray! Expect to see them often and soon!

I am so pleased with my finds from the weekend!!

I really liked this week's episode of Once Upon A Time, but for reasons that I did not expect.
Here are a few thoughts about "What Happened to Frederick?".
  • Worst Moment: David Nolan. David Nolan. David Nolan. David Nolan. He REALLY needs to step it up. He made about a million bad decisions this episode, and I'm beginning to lose faith in our resident hero. On the other hand, . . .
  • Best Moment: . . . his counterpart Prince James was awesome! My favourite parts of the entire episode were his interactions with Abigail (who is awesome, by the way). 
  • Well, hello, August W. Booth! Welcome! 
  • Obvious Moment: Totally called that the gym teacher contributed more to the story than just being a person for Katherine to "bump" into. Hello, Frederick.
  • Surprise Moment: When I liked Katherine more than I liked David. She really tugged at my heartstrings and made me believe in her. This leads to . . .
  • Cliffhanger: . . . Where is Katherine?
  • Next Episode: The search for Katherine's whereabouts.