Thursday, February 02, 2012

No. 175 - Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Guess what day it is! Thursday! I got this idea from Sydney
over at The Daybook and decided to give it a try. Here we go!

  • Telling your nursing friend that she is in shock and she immediately assumes you are talking about medical shock. Then you proceed to explain it is just emotional shock while she is laughing at you, and your attempt to be sympathetic just kind of went out the window.
  • Getting invited to a Superbowl Game - I know it hasn't happened yet but I know my lack of football-ness/Superbowl-ness is going to provide some awkward-trying-to-fit-in comments.
  • The gym this morning. Normally when there are four ellipticals in a row and someone is on the last one, person number two shouldn't pick the middle one. This is gym etiquette. Because then I come along and have to choose an elliptical either by person number one or person number two. But you see if person number two had picked the elliptical on the opposite end, I wouldn't have this dilemma (oh the drama that goes on at 6 in the morning at Sports and Wellness). 
  • Attempting to explain to the new guy at The Experience last Friday that "This is not normally how things are . . . just tonight . . . you know cause our pastor is leaving . . . and a whole bunch of other people." And by then he is just staring at you.
  • Falling on the icy roads in a skirt and tights

  • Political Science class on Wednesday night actually end up being a nursing student gab fest. There is like eight of us taking that course. 
  • Finishing my scholarly paper! FREEDDDDOOOMMM!
  • One of the first year students I tutor tell me I'm awesome and smart. Made my day.
  • Having coffee with Shawna on Tuesday. I love girl time.
  • Feeling inspired to step up at The Experience. I am excited to see where God will take us.
  • Learning how to play Long Live and When Will My Life Begin on the piano.
  • Once Upon A Time on Sunday nights. David & Mary Margaret forever (Davaret? Marid? MMD?)