Monday, January 23, 2012

No. 166 - Rewind

Today, I saw a picture of a friend of mine who did a DTS at YWAM Montana. Her comment on the picture was "Sigh . . . Montana." This comment prompted me to think about my time in Montana, which lead me to this blog post.

I think I fall into the trap of thinking I've had the the best moments of my life already or had my closest relationship with God in the past. (Don't laugh. I know I'm only 22.) For example, life in Montana was a simple, rewarding lifestyle, but I think I idolize that lifestyle. Even if I was to go back there right now, I could never recreate those moments and feelings. I can never rewind the past, but wishing to do so, means I am missing out on the moments in the present. 

I am here where I am doing what I am doing interacting with the people around me at this moment in time for a reason. There is no need to rewind. The best is yet to come. 

Lately, I have been viewing my DTS as a jumpstart or a foundation to the rest of my life with God and people. It gave me the basics to live a better life. I should never wish to go back to that fall DTS 2009 because I would be going backwards in my growth. I don't need to rewind.