Thursday, January 19, 2012

No. 162 - Kitchen Disaster

Yesterday, I decided to do some kitchen creativity. Normally, I feel comfortable in my cooking and baking abilities, but yesterday . . . yesterday, something was weirdly off.

So my first project were sugarless orange cranberry muffins. They were probably the least messed-up of all of my attempts. A little on the drier side but healthy nonetheless.

My real kerfuffle came when I attempted to do a roast chicken dinner complete with potato slices and carrots. First, I decided I would cook the chicken without defrosting it (apparently it can be done). Then, the chicken itself was so tiny (2-3 lbs) with barely any meat, but yet it took FOREVER to cook. That meant that my potatoes were done 45 minutes before the chicken (making them a bit on the colder side when it came time to eat) and my carrots were over-sufficiently done (think chewy).

So there is Dad, Nastassia, and I picking away at what is edible and laughing at the rest.
I sense the need for redemption in the near future.