Monday, January 16, 2012

No. 159 - You Know You're A Nursing Student When...

Sometimes on my study breaks, I look at funny nursing student forums that are all too funny and *shifty eyes* real. So I thought I'd share a few of the great ones.

You know you're a nursings student when . . .
  • You've read more Potter and Perry than Harry Potter.
  • Your hands are so dry from "proper" hand-washing and alcohol-based rubs that they are beginning to crack.
  • Your friends ask for a diagnoisis on something just to save them a trip to the doctors and are quite upset when you tell them you have no idea, and they should go and see the doctor.
  • You secretly hope your patient has high blood sugar so you can give an insulin injection.
  • You sit and watch Grey's Anatomy and House just to point out to those around you how things are NEVER like that in real life.
  • When you're referencing books for your APA paper, and you need to type the Publishing Company (eg. Mosby or Lippincott), you don't even have to look at the city in which it's been published in because you've typed it so many times! For example, St. Louis: Mosby, or Philadelphia: Lippincott.
  • You've diagnosed yourself throughout school with whatever ailment you happen to be studying at the time.
  • The night before clinical you’re so anxious you can’t get a decent night’s sleep, and until you’re 2 hours into your shift your stomach is in knots.
  • You can take a morning break, but you don’t want to because you might miss out on some big experience.
A little humour from the nursing student found somewhere in the cave of textbooks and journal articles with empty mugs and glasses everywhere. :)