Friday, January 13, 2012

No. 156 - Frustration

Normally, my blog is happy or meaningful, and I am perfectly fine with that. Today, not so much. Today, I am frustrated. Let me explain. In school, we have these 20-question nursing quizzes every week on the weekly topics. In order to be successful at these quizzes, I usually spend the majority of my weekend researching/studying for them. Normally, that amount of effort for that small of a quiz would be more than enough, but you see, here's the thing about nursing quizzes/exams. More than one answer (it's multiple-choice) is correct. So it is a "pick-the-best-option" scenario. Now, I don't know where my hang-up is. Maybe, I don't excel very well in the exam setting. Or maybe my critical thinking is just really underdeveloped. Either way, this week's ferocious effort resulted in a whopping C+. Boo. So my frustration lies in the fact that despite all the effort, I still cannot figure out how to be successful at these dang quizzes!