Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No. 154 - Black & White

When we were younger, the world was a lot more black & white.
Strangers were bad.
Sunday school was good.
Swearing was bad.
Santa Claus was good.

Lately, however, I am realizing the world is getting greyer. The lines are getting closer together or perhaps even intertwining. I read somewhere that you cannot turn black into white, but you can change white to black. Interesting thought . . . . Nonetheless, I feel like my world is getting greyer, especially when it is comes to school. When I began nursing, medical decisions and situations were extremely black & white. If this happened, then you did this, which resulted in this. Period. Now, there are lot more factors involved. What about culture? What about ethics? What about family? What about history? All these questions cast a grey light onto the situation. It's harder to see that solid line. Perhaps, what I need to do is figure out what my black & white is. What are my values? What are my beliefs that I will not budge on? What do I stand for? Then from there, I can take each grey situation life throws at me in stride as I sort through the components. 

Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything - Alexander Hamilton