Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No. 132 - Apron Project

Today was the perfect day to dig out my sewing machine from the back of my closet and sew something. I have wanted/needed an apron for quite some time, so what better idea for a day project? I have included the process/tutorial as well as the finished product!

-Sewing Machine
-Iron/Ironing Board
-Sewing Scissors
-Pin Cushion
-Measuring Tape
-Stitch Remover
-Sewing Gauge
-Coffee (Not optional)
-Music (Today, it was Christmas music :)

Cut out desired fabric for bodice. My measurements were 14"(W) x 9"(L).
Remember to zigzag all material to prevent fraying.

Iron 3/8" seam. 

Cut out neck tie. My measurements were 27"(L) x 4"(W).

Fold right sides together and sew.

Turn right side out and iron.
Zigzag both ends to prevent fraying.

Pin neck band to bodice and hem bodice seam on 3 sides 
(leave bottom).

Cut 3 strips for waist band.

Sew ends together and iron.

Sew bodice to waist band right sides together.
Iron seam open and iron top seam of waist band.

Cut out skirt. My measurements are 36"(W) x 22"(L).
Iron and hem seams on 3 sides (leave top).

Baste and fit to waist band between seams.
Sew and iron.

Hem waiste band seams.

Cut 2 squares for pockets. My measurements are 9" x 9".
Iron seam.
Sew large hem on top side.

Pin pockets to apron skirt.
Sew on remaining 3 sides. 

Finished product!

Modelling :)

Baking time :)