Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No. 98 - OR Day

Today was an amazing day. It was my shadowing day in the OR (Operating Room) during my medicine-surgery rotation. What an experience! I saw five different surgeries, all of them so very different. They were all so very fascinating. It was empowering to discover that blood and organs and whatnot don't have any queasy effect on you :) 
I learned two things today. The first was how efficient the OR is run. Everyone knows their respecting roles from the scrub nurse to the circulating nurse to the anesthesiologist to the surgeon to the assisting surgeon to the charge nurse and so on. They can get a patient in, set up, operated on, and taken to the recovery room in less than an hour. 
The second thing I learned was patient care. Now, I had been told how important nursing care and communication was, but today I experienced it on a whole new level! Patients are the most vulnerable as we bring them into the OR and prepare to put them to sleep. What an "out-of-control" feeling that must be! It is in this moment that I discovered how powerful nursing is. We can stay with the patient until they are asleep, comfort them, and encourage them. I will never forget the interactions I had today with those patients in the seconds before the surgery.
Today was amazing. Yet another milestone. Can't wait to go back!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hey silver!
I remember my day in the OR, definitely a new perspective on patient interaction... Nice to hear from you!

starTHINKer said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for the comment, Meg!