Thursday, June 16, 2011

....Vancouver, 3rd Best Place To Live In The World

Last night, it truly did cross my mind that maybe I should give up hockey. I love the game, and just a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog stating my love for the Vancouver Canucks. However, due to the situation last night in downtown Vancouver, I was I done?

The answer this morning after thinking about it and listening/watching the news is no. No, I am not finished with hockey. As one distressed Vancouver citizen said on CBC news, "these are not Vancouver fans who did this...."

As this day continues, more and more Canadians and Canuck fans are rallying to show their contempt for the actions of the rioters and to show their support for law enforcement and Vancouver leadership. This is not the result of hockey fandom; this is the result of pre-planned anger.

My personal apologies to the city, province, country, and the world that this tragedy happened as some sort of a response to the loss of the Stanley cup; however, my support to the hockey team and their true fans for getting SO far in the competition. We got to the finals. We represented Canada! Go Canucks!