Tuesday, June 07, 2011

♫ I'm Going Home ♫

*The title is supposed to be sung to Daughtry's lyrics*

Twice today, I said to someone how excited I was to be going home. And both times it caught me by surprise to say it. Yes, I lived thirteen years back in B.C. and most of my family and friends are from there. But it has now reached that point where it is beginning to feel weird to refer to it as "home".

Neverless, I'm so excited to make the trip.

I get to see my brother (the youngest sibling) graduate in three days!
I get to see my sister for the first time since she came back from her YWAM trip to Haiti!
I get to see family and friends that I haven't seen in a year!
I get to rest and relax!
I get to reunite the Barter kids and watch out, cause there will be good times coming!

I am very happy to be going. When it is said that home is where your heart is...well.... Definitely parts of my heart have become attached here to certain people and places, but a part of my heart will always be in Creston.

Therefore I can always say, I'm going home