Monday, May 09, 2011

Thank You For The Music

Technically, the title of this blog doesn't really make sense with the topic I'll be writing about, but somehow I found it fitting.

I want to write about this past weekend. I had so much fun the last three days. On Friday night, there was The Experience at MGA along with the usual BP trip afterwards. On Saturday, there was a bonfire/hockey game birthday party for a close friend. Then on Sunday, there was a Mother's Day service at church, a BBQ, volleyball, and a chick flick at the theatre.

All of these events are just that ... events, but what made them all so special and enjoyable were the friends that were with me. I have made some wonderful friends in the Fort..some I've known for awhile now and some I've only just met this past week. Either way, they are all dear people. These friends make me smile, laugh with me, help me be social, ask me how I am, challenge me, have deep conversations with me, and love me. I am so blessed for my friends here. Without them, my time here would not be the same.

So, in a way, my title is fitting. My friends help make the music of my life a happier, lighter melody. Therefore, thank you for the music <3