Saturday, April 16, 2011

Waterfront Girl (Excerpt)

(Excerpt from some of my writings...)

I don’t know how long we stood there. I don’t know how the candles remained lit? I don’t know how she didn’t run out of breath as her sobs continued and continued. All I know is this was goodbye. After tonight, no one would speak of this again. In fact, no one may even speak of him again. How was that right? Yet, who was I to argue at their ways?
Finally, the wails turned back to sobs, which turned back to silence. As if nothing happened, she turned and exited the water. As she made her way back up the beach, the candles were blown out row by row as she passed by. No one looked at her. She was making her way in my direction, yet her eyes would not acknowledge anyone. She neared me. I could not breathe. I could not move. What would I do when she was within touching distance? Nothing. She brushed me with the skirt of her garment. It enchanted me. It chilled me. Never again would I be the same. That touch. That wail. This night. It would haunt me forever. How would I ever recover? As she disappeared into the darkness, the dark figures passed by me as well. Was I invisible? Why was it such a sin to make eye contact? Yet even in my misunderstanding, I understood. This was how it is to be. This is how it always was. Who I am to question? But more importantly, who was she? And whom was she mourning? Who was she bidding goodbye to? I was terrified of the answer. So I ignored the question.