Monday, April 25, 2011

Inappropriate Texting

Disclaimer: This is my personal, slightly-biased opinion (hence the reason it's on my blog :P).

I think the age of cellphones is amazing. It is so easy to get in touch with people. And I think texting has definitely given us freedom with contacting people and being contacted. However, I have some issues with texting. I just think there are certain times when it is inappropriate...

...when you are driving. Okay, now this SHOULD be a no-brainer, but ya know. Now, I suppose changing music on an iPod could be placed in the same category, so maybe I'm just being hypocritical. church. Again, how do these two things go together? However, I do think there are exceptions like emergencies or being on-call. the movie theatre. You know that statement on the screen that says "Look around. These are the people you disturb when you talk or text". Ya, they're talking to you. the middle of a deep, one-on-one conversation with a friend. This is the one I think that upsets me more than all the rest. You really learn how important your friendship is when you are spilling your heart, and the person opposite is responding to a text about dinner locations.

Okay, I'm done my little rant.