Thursday, February 13, 2014

{Thoughts} The Significance of February 14th & 15th

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Two very important days are coming up this weekend. February 14th & February 15th. 

February 14th: As you may have already guessed, February 14th is significant because it is Valentines Day. The day of love. But rather than discuss the lack of my romantic life regarding this day, I would rather discuss a little something I made up called Valentines Day Resolutions. If you remember from my New Years post, I boycott New Years resolutions posing the question why we can't make yearly resolutions any other day of the year. Well, I am proposing we can, and that Valentines Day is the day to do it. 


A couple of days ago I found myself slipping on some personal goals I had made for myself. And let's be honest with the amount of chocolate surrounding us this time of year, goals aren't easy to maintain. So I wallowed in my mental weakness and failures for about a day and half. But then I kinda just called it quits on the wallowing. I literally jumped off my bed and began to be more proactive with my life. I resolved that I wouldn't let my identity and goals fall to the wayside due to circumstantial surroundings. That is not who I am meant to be. So tomorrow on Valentines Day, I challenge you to make a couple of resolutions yourself. They can be anything. But it is a good day for reflection.

February 15th: This one is a little less challenging but no less meaningful. This date marks the four year anniversary to my beautiful hometown of Fort McMurray. And what an amazing four years it has been. I have experienced way too much to recap, but I wouldn't trade any of it. These four years brings the completion of my nursing program, but also so much more. Happy Anniversary to me!

So what about you?
What things and challenges are happening this weekend?
Happy Thursday, Valentines Day, and Anniversary!

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