Thursday, February 06, 2014

{Thoughts} My Nursing Practicum

Today marks the first day of my nursing practicum, or as we call it around here - preceptorship. 10 weeks. One unit. Last course. First of all, who can believe it? I remember standing on the other end of this journey thinking how far away this day was. How would I ever learn all that I need to know? Haha, of course the running joke is that the farther I make it in nursing school, the less I feel I know. 

I feel a combination of nervous and excited to start today. I am nervous because there is still so much I don't know or haven't experienced yet. But that is where the excitement kicks in. I am excited because this is the time where I will learn and grow and experience and expand. This is the time to take the all the bookwork and theory and apply it. This is the time to transition from student to nurse. This is the time to begin doing what I am meant to do. 

So even though I have no idea what to expect, I am ready. Ready for this next journey on this crazy train called nursing school. Bring it on!

Happy Thursday!

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Lauren said... [Reply to comment]

That looks pretty intense. Good for you for going into nursing!