Thursday, January 30, 2014

Currently {January Twenty14}

~ thinking // a lot about my upcoming nursing practicum.

~ enjoying // the low-stress nursing course I am currently in. Last class before graduation!

~ feeling // excited for this year. I'm gonna be in such a different place next year.

~ wearing // new variations of items already in my closet. Don't spend anymore money on clothes. Don't spend anymore money on clothes. Don't spend anymore . . . oh look, new clothes.

~ needing // to register for my nursing licensing exam and to buy my grad dress. Oh man, real world responsibilities.

~ wanting // toss-up between a new Canon camera or snowboarding gear. Although I have a feeling both of those purchases will have to wait until the pay-checks start coming in.

~ listening // to the new Disney Frozen soundtrack. Hence the lyrics on the picture above. 

~ eating // healthy. I'm back on my no sugar kick like the one of summer 2011.

~ drinking // wine. I decided that I want to expand my knowledge and expertise. Really hope I can go wine tasting in the Okanagan this summer.

~ cooking // from my Julia Child cookbook. French cooking and butter. Mmmmmm.

~ reading // I am starting the Cinder book by Marissa Meyer and also The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller. I'll keep you updated.

~ watching // obsessed with the new CW show Reign. Please tell me you've gotten hooked too. Are you Team Bash or Team Francis?

Just a little of what happened in January.
Happy Thursday!

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Shon said... [Reply to comment]

Hi,I found you via the link ups! I love the Maxi with the cardi and bold necklace! Happy Thursday!

Alissa said... [Reply to comment]

I know it's totally not a big deal in the long run but I cannot figure out what kind of dress I want for my graduation. Those gowns aren't flattering to begin with so laying a dress underneath is even worse!