Tuesday, December 31, 2013

twenty13 Pictures

Ugh, years go by so fast {cliche statement, I know}. But here we are. Sister and I were discussing our respective 2013s. We had decided that I hadn't actually done a lot this past year {due to concentrating on school and working to save money for school} while she had done a whole lot. Yet when I look back at pictures, there are some really great moments. And here they are!

Kaos 91.1 Banquet // Finishing 3rd Year // Celebrating 3rd Year // Great Gatsby Fandom

3rd Annual Diva Dinner // A Wonderful Birth-Week // Bachelorette Fandom // Annual Pig Roast

Summer Girls Road Trip // Body Worlds Exhibit // Arlene Dickinson // Zip Lining @ Birch Bay Ranch

Nursing Grad Fundraiser // Halloween // Family Pics // CATCHING FIRE

Playing @ Hope Diner // Philippines 1 // Philippines 2 // Philippines 3

So in the end, it was a slow and a fast year. It was a crazy and a calm year. It was full of nothing and full of everything. The best part though was having my family together for the vast majority of it. I'm a homebody through and through. See you tomorrow for twenty14 goodness!!!!!!

Happy New Years Eve!

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