Monday, December 16, 2013


Hello from halfway around the world!

If you are my Instagram buddy, you've seen plenty of evidence of my travel adventures. Wedding! Palm trees! Beaches! Sunburns! And lots of family time. We've been going, going, going, and it has been awesome, amazing, and memorable. Even though we return shortly, this is the first time we've really stopped to breathe. And I wanted to write. About traveling. And what it does to me.

Traveling makes me feel small. It exposes the bubbles I am content in, and the daily habits I fall into {both good and bad ones}. It makes the world feel small. You always meet someone who knows someone who knows someone you know. Without fail. Traveling brings strangers together.

Traveling makes me appreciate my family. I've probably spent every waking moment with my two crazy siblings {actually I've spent every sleeping moment with them too because we usually end up sharing a room}. We are literally ridiculous and constantly have to be each others backup and support. But standing in the ocean attempting to take underwater pictures while the daylight is fading promotes such laughter and memories. Don't take it for granted, Silver.

Traveling takes me out of my comfort zone. From hotel staff knocking on your door at 5am to question you if your telephone is working. To being hit on by a Filipino policeman. To humidity. To being asked 500 times if you want a massage on the beach. To different cultures and languages. It is all so different from the little Fort McMurray culture we create for ourselves. It stretches me.

Traveling introduces new friends. Our family {plus the new addition} traveled with another couple from back home. And although we will never have experiences like that again, a bond is formed. We laugh. We sit in silence. We share meals together. We go on adventures together. We were a group of seven, and we were unstoppable. Then there are the new friends that you meet here. Tonight, we get to go karaoke with these new friends. Making memories.

Traveling makes me appreciate alone time. Haha, we are currently in a two room hotel suite. And I'm sitting alone in my bed in one room where my siblings are in the other one. They bugged me to come and join them. And I will. But I'm just being alone for right now. It doesn't happen often when you travel in a group. So I am enjoying my me time. 

Traveling is a crazy experience. And it's never the same twice. So here is some love from overseas, and see you soon!

Happy Tuesday!

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Lauren Scorzafava said... [Reply to comment]

Hope you're having fun and safe travels!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls