Thursday, December 05, 2013

12/5 {So Over It}

So it was -25 today. All I'm saying is that if I can do Dressember in -25 than anyone can do Dressember. End of story. I also thought I'd talk a little bit about things I am SO OVER.
  • Bitstrips - I feel like I was over these before they even started. And now it's coming to the point where you are beginning to see repeats. Ugh. 
  • Paul Walker Death Hoax - Seriously, as if a celebrity death doesn't generate enough media buzz, you have to start a interwebs controversy of "is he" or "isn't he". The first night you couldn't find the true truth anywhere. R.I.P. Paul Walker.
  • Leggins vs. Pants Debate - Now personally I have been on both sides of this fence. However, I am just somewhat over the whole debate. We wear some pretty crazy stuff nowadays. Time to let this one go.
  • Tom Hiddleston - Alright, here is my honesty. I don't get the fascination. Sure he's great. And he's a great Marvel villain. But there is a lot of Pinterest hype about this guy. And I don't get it.
  • Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale - Alright everyone is SO blown away by this mid-season finale but honestly, I didn't find it that great. I totally thought someone else was going down {R.I.P. Herschel}. The governor should have been elimated in season 3 and yet we got three full episodes in season 4 oriented around him. I mean it was good, because it's Walking Dead. It just wasn't that good.
  • School - Seriously. I'm done my first semester of my final year. WAHOOO! One more semester to go until graduation. Let the beaches and Christmas break begin. Can't wait to do Dressember in warm weather. 
See you in a couple days! Happy Thursday!

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