Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today I Am Loving . . .

. . . All the family pictures that our dear friend Elena took of us kids at Thanksgiving. We had to keep them a secret until Tuesday because they were a present for our Dad's birthday. If you want to see them all, check out her talented website.

. . . Rereading The Hunger Games series and watching all the teaser trailers I can get my hands on and reading reviews from the UK premiere. November 22 can't come fast enough and until then, I'll just have permanent heart palpitations. After rereading the series, I think the 2nd book is the best one, and that makes me even more excited for the movie!

. . . The natural progression of seasons in Fort McMurray this year. We got an AMAZING fall, and winter started at the perfect time. Honestly, it's been a beautiful few months for scenery!

. . . Piano music. I've been practicing like mad to perform at the Festival of Trees on Friday evening. All this practicing really made me appreciate my long history of classical training. It is a bit weird to dig out my Christmas repertoire this early in the year though.

. . . Blogging. Since I went to a casual blogger status, I was conflicted over a lot of things. Right choice? Should I just call it quits and bow out gracefully? Should I do another challenge? Should I just write? Just pictures? But at the end of the day, I am so glad that I didn't quit. This blog is too much of a part of me and my life. 

. . . Okay so if you have heard of Pentatonix {I mentioned them in my I Don't Get . . . post}, you have to watch Mitch and Scott's weekly vlog called Superfruit. I love them. I wish I was more famous solely so I could go on their vlog. Also on Ellen Degeneres. But that's it. 

. . . The new CW show Reign which just got picked up for a full season! The costumes. The drama. The romance. It's all a recipe to this girl's heart. I realized that I am a big fan of first seasons of shows {and then it somewhat fizzles out [unless it is OUAT]}. Anyways, loves it!

. . . 21 days. 4 hours. 46 minutes. 16 seconds. Until Christmas break. HURRY UP!!!!!!! 

. . . You were are reading this and sticking with all the crazy and randomness that is A Silver Snapshot. Seriously, there is no rhyme or rhythm to the posting, so thanks for still being around.

Happy Thursday!