Monday, November 25, 2013

OUAT: Think Lovely Thoughts

WHAT THE WHAT!!!!!!!!! Did stuff go down in this episode, or did stuff go down in this episode???? Nobody saw Peter Pan being a part of the dysfunctional family tree, but boy oh boy, was he ever! Crazy! Creepy! Genius! There aren't enough words. Remember last year when we discovered that Henry's father was Rumplestiltskin's son? And then the family tree looked like this . . . ???

Cause now it freaking looks like this??? EVERYBODY IS RELATED!

Seriously this show has daddy issues up the creek. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. And on that crazy note, let's dive into "Think Lovely Thoughts". {P.S. Sorry about the recap mixup. Turns out there was OUAT last weekend and none this weekend. Either way, now we're all caught up}.

  • Best Moment: I think it's safe to say that the discovery of the four generation link was best moment enough. Peter Pan - Mr.Gold/Rumplestiltskin - Neal/Baelfire - Henry. Like what!?!? It would be easier to list the characters on this show who are not related than vice versa. 
  • Worst Moment: Poor Rumple. I really felt for him when his dad/Peter Pan abandoned him in order to have that magical, child life he so desperately wanted. It's just the cycle that keeps on giving.
  • Object Moment: Now we know the significance of the voodoo-type doll and the origin of Peter Pan's name. I love when things come full circle.
  • Creepy Moment: Anybody else find the two old lady spinners {close relation to spinsters} a bit creepy. Why yes, you must stand inches from my face when conversing with me. Both of you. Yes. A little closer please.
  • Storyline Moment: So the shadow isn't actually Pan's shadow, but the first and original inhabitant of Neverland?? And the plot thickens.
  • Disney Moment: The hourglass. 
  • Character Moment: Poor Henry. He tries so hard to be a hero and to do the right thing by FairyTale World. But I feel as if he kinda always comes a little short. It was believable that given the abandonment issues on this show that Pan would be able to convince him to give him Henry's heart. But I still feel as if he would have believed his two moms and dad over Pan.
  • Awkward Moment: So Neal & Wendy used to be best buds/potential pre-teen romance. Now she's the same age and he's an adult. And she's been hanging out with his son. Talk about a messed up timeline.
  • Annoying Moment: I didn't like how they split up the Magical Breakfast Club. The Charmings went to get magic water so David could stay alive long enough for Rumple to spell him into staying alive. Tink & Hook guarded the very easily subdued Lost Boys {still want more of a backstory on those two}. And the rest headed to Skull Rock. Blah.
  • Reunion Moment: Pan & Rumple finally have that confrontation. And now Rumple is in Pandora's box. So not only do we have to worry about how he will be released but also how is he gonna perform a spell to keep David alive????
  • Magic Moment: More Team Emma & Team Regina pairing up to cause a lunar eclipse. Girl Power!
  • Unrelated Moment: So engaged couple Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin are gonna have a baby!!!! Looks like the Charmings might get their baby after all. 
  • Cliffhanger: Pan has Henry's heart.
  • Next Episode: And as a result, Henry might die {but who really thinks that'll happen???}. 

Happy Monday!