Monday, November 18, 2013

OUAT: "Dark Hollow"

Ready for the second instalment of the Double Weekend OUAT Recaps {UPDATE: So I've been fed false information. Turns out there was OUAT last night. Whups!} . Seriously, so much fairytale stuff! Pretty soon we'll be creating Disney playlists, trumping around in 5" heels, and looking at creepy pictures of how Peter Pan could be Taylor Swift's brother. Seriously, check this out!?!?!

Anyways, let's chat "Dark Hollow".
  • Best Moment: There were so many of good moments this episode that it was hard to choose just one, so I'll have to go with having awesome Belle back on our screens {and not just a shadow vision of her}. I love when Disney princesses hang out so having her work with Ariel to save the day was the bomb. 
  • Worst Moment: Honestly, was there one? The Blue Fairy maybe. I just don't like her since she de-winged our Tinkerbelle and cast her out of the brightly-coloured-petals club. 
  • Old Character Moments: So happy to see Grumpy and the dwarves, Jiminy Cricket/Archie, and Granny! And what the what, it's only been five days since Season 3 started??? Much noticed missing Red. Hope you're enjoying hanging out with Sawyer!
  • Disney Moment: Ariel was a little kid in a candy shop in Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop. Of course they had to throw in a little "look at this stuff" for us hardcore self-proclaimed Disney lovers. Seriously, she's the perfect person for this job.
  • True Love Moment: Chip is back! Really, this whole show comes down to one little cup. Loves it!
  • Gadget Moment: Now we have Pandora's box. It'll be interesting to see what Regina and Rumplestiltskin {from now on referring to them as R&R} have planned for it. This whole storyline just kinda reminds me of the moonstone from Vampire Diaries.
  • New Character Moment: MEET THE DARLINGS! Best intro ever. Also Wendy is back, and was the mystery prisoner in the other cage. I'm glad John & Michael quickly turned Storybrooke and are now fighting with our resident princess. 
  • Romance Moment: Well that escalated quickly. Not only did each of them stake a claim for Emma's heart, but they literally fought over it in the form of who-can-light-a-lighter-faster. Definitely a way to determine a true romantic. Anyways, I am glad how Emma handled it. No time for romance boys, let's rescue my son! {Although the heart of one million girls melted, when Hook said he'd win without trickery}. Team Hook this week.
  • Magic Moment: Guess all those magic lessons payed off, because Emma's magic saved the day. She can light her own candle, boys. Would you LIIIIGHHHT my candle????
  • Kid Moment: Henry meet Wendy. Seriously loving this storyline. Especially since she was totally hanging out with his dad 100 years ago. Also are there any salvageable Pan/Wendy shippers???
  • B-Plot Moment: Snow & James fight. They break up. They kiss. They make-up. And now they're gonna spend the rest of their days having babies in Neverland. 
  • Cliffhanger: Henry is off to Skull Rock to save magic.
  • Next Episode: Henry saves magic, Peter Pan may be immortal, and the Magic Breakfast Club bands together to #SaveHenry.
Until next week!