Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Latest Favourites

Ready for the latest version of Silver's Favourites?????

Music: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire {Original Motion Picture Soundtrack}

Timeline: One week until I am out of school, out of this town, out of this country, and out of this world {ok, the last one isn't true, but the rest are!!!!!}.

Avenger: Thor

Book: Emergency Nursing Made Incredibly Easy {Great Christmas reading right there}

Blog {recently}: Tossup between Ladies in Navy or The Adored Life.

Drink: Caramel Brulee Latte with eggnong from Starbucks {invented this drink a couple Christmas seasons ago}.

Christmas Movie: The Holiday {watching it tonight!!!!}

Outfit: Sweater & jeans with a cute scarf and boots for me this winter season.

Challenge: Dressember is coming up! I won't be able to participate every day this year due to travel plans, but I'll sure be picturing and posting as often as possible!!!!

Pin: Can you tell what my weekly obsession is??

Happy Wednesday!