Monday, October 14, 2013

OUAT: Quite A Common Fairy

Fact: I wasn't allowed to do the whole Halloween thing growing up. Just wasn't something we celebrated as a family. And I completely understand families who do not celebrate. However, I am now of the belief that Halloween is an AWESOME excuse to go crazy with costumes and whatnot. It's basically a license to have a mask ball, except without the mask and ball part. What all this is leading to is that my very first official Halloween celebration was when I was probably 19 years old {yep, that was the first time I dressed up for Halloween}. Any takers on who I went as!?!?!? If you said TINKERBELL, you would be correct! Segway into last night's episode of Once Upon A Time "Quite A Common Fairy."

  • Best Moment: To be honest, it wasn't the most glamorous or spectacular moment. In fact, some people may have missed it in the hubbub of the rest of the episode. But my favourite part of the entire hour was when Emma & Regina had their little bonding-mother-moment in the forest right before Emma left Regina behind to wait it out. Think back to season 1 when Emma took down Regina's apple tree with a chainsaw and to how fair they've come now. Cue awesomeness! And Operation Henry.
  • Worst Moment: Fairyback was a way too cheesy and a little bit boring for me. Now, lezbehonest {#pitchperfect}, this girl right here can handle A LOT of cheese. More than most people would deem healthy or normal or sane. You get the picture. But the way that Regina was all like "I don't have any friends" or "You're a terrible fairy" on a plotline that kinda of started nowhere and ended nowhere was unfortunate. I wanted SO MUCH more for our Fairyback-Tinkerbell episode. Give me some history between Tink & Hook and I'm hooked {haha, lol}. Anyways, there was only one good thing that came out of the fairyback {To Be Discussed in Cliffanger . . . }
  • Twisted Moment: Ok, I know I said it last week, but Pan is the best, new villain in town! Target practice with an apple. Making Henry the shooter. And then what is his deal with magic & imagination? His motives seem quite honest and harmless. It's his actions and schemes that kinda make him all threatening. I want some more, please!
  • Cute Moment: Robin Hood's son, Roland. So adorable. Also some nice little exposition answered my earlier questions about what happened to Maid Marian and Baby Hood. Now we know both :)
  • Future Moment: Roast Swan. I got it. Also the only appearance from Rumplestiltskin of the night.
  • Shipper Moment: So I know, I know, Neal just got lost from the portal like 2.5 days ago, but still, is it too early to start shipping Hook & Emma. Apparently not even Regina thinks so! More romance please.
  • Bonding Moment: Hook knew something was up with the Prince, and the Prince confided in Hook. Hook gave the Prince good advice about HONEST COMMUNICATION with his wife. Seriously didn't the Prince learn last week not to hide stuff from Snow? Either way, those two brothers from different mothers are fast becoming a bromance. 
  • Random Character Moment: Hello Blue Fairy. See you in 10 episodes.
  • Hero Moment: Neal was definitely the hero this week. From admitting his mistakes in love to setting up the shadow heist and then to successfully pulling it off. He's in Neverland, and he's gonna save the day!
  • Complicated Moment: Okay so here is another reason I didn't care for the Tinkerbell/Regina storyline. Did anyone ACTUALLY think Tinkerbelle was gonna squash Regina's heart? Did anyone get fed up with their encrypted phrases regarding their complicated history just so the audience would be held in suspicion a little longer? Did anyone else think they were kinda just acting like 13 year old junior high girls who are having a silly argument via Facebook? Come on, OUAT, you can do better than that!
  • Intriguing Moment{s}: {1} Did anyone else catch the Mulan and Robin Hood chemistry? {2} Mulan was headed back to tell Aurora that she was in love with Phillip? What? Is that what was gonna happen or did I misread the situation? Update: Apparently my gaydar is way off, because after reading several recaps online, I finally pieced together that Mulan was going to admit her love for Aurora. Say what?? {3} Aurora and Phillip are gonna have a baby. {4} Mulan is now all joined up with the Merry Men. Segway into . . . 
  • Cliffhanger: Robin Hood has the lion tattoo and was potentially Regina's happy ending. Great twist that I never saw coming until Tink called Regina selfish.
  • Next Episode: Operation Henry continues! {P.S. I wish I thought of it myself, but I can't take credit for the name. However the Hook/Regina/Charmings/Emma/Tink crew will henceforth be referred to as the Magic Breakfast Club. Yes.}


Katie said... [Reply to comment]

I don't watch OUAT, but both of my younger sisters love it; I may have to get into it. :)

PS - We didn't really 'do' Halloween in my family, either. I happen to agree with you!

Amy said... [Reply to comment]

I loove this show! I totally missed the fact that Mulan loves Aurora, my gaydar must be off, too! I was definitely sensing some chemistry between her and Robin Hood.

And I'm loving Tinkerbell! Can't wait to watch them do more with her character.