Monday, October 07, 2013

OUAT: Lost Girl

So can I just say how much I LOOOOVVVEEED this episode! Man, I missed this show. It is back full force with a second installment SO MUCh better than the first. Let's discuss "Lost Girl".

  • Best Moment: Okay, let's be honest {#pitchperfect}, the best moments of this entire episode/beginning of season 3 were the Team Save Henry Crew {better nickname in the works, I promise}. I loved everything about the dynamics. From Regina's snarkiness. To Hook's snide, yet helpful remarks. From the Charmings being back together fighting a common enemy. To Emma's finding herself. Everything about that group is awesome. I hope they stay together for awhile.
  • Worst Moment: Okay, so it was with good intentions. And he got a whopping make-out session out of it. But still, did Charming have to lie about the Excalibur sword to Snow in order for her to believe in herself? Kids, don't try this at home. People in relationships will tell you that it only works with honest communication. 
  • Painful Moment: Anybody else cringe when Rumple performed surgery on his own shadow??? Smart thinking though. Who else to entrust with the only weapon that can kill him but his own shadow???
  • Flashback Moment: PILOT EPISODE SCENES!!!! I don't think I will ever get enough of seeing Prince Charming ride on that path across the water to give Snow true love's kiss {wow, can I sound anymore feminine???}. 
  • Cheesy Moment: MM-to-Emma: "Call me Mom." Okay, in no universe, not even in Neverland, does that work. Try again some other time.
  • Funniest Line Moment: Hook-to-Emma: "I take it by your tone that perms are a bad thing." {Actually the whole conversation about storybook Hook was funny}.
  • Random Character Moment: Shout-out to the Magic Mirror/Genie/Sydney Glass. Good to see you again after being absent all season 2.
  • Villain Moment: Step aside Regina, Hook, King George, Greg/Owen, Tamara, Rumple, and everybody else who's been a villain for an episode. The new bad boy is in town. I enjoyed all of Pan's interactions with Emma. Casting got it right with this one. I'm very intrigued where this storyline will take us. Gah, can you believe he's threatening to turn Henry against Emma and kill her parents? Who does this Lost Boy Leader think he is?
  • Funniest Line Moment #2: I like Hook & Charming's small little remarks to each other about "winning you over" and "agreeing with each other". This relationship is awesome.
  • Family Moment: Oh my goodness, the dwarves quizzing Charming about his intentions for Snow WAS THE BEST! Of course that would happen. 
  • Romance Moment: As per usual, Belle & Rumple are this years "root-for-couple". I love that he conjured up an image of her in order to convince himself not to take the selfish choice against Henry. 
  • LOST Moment: When Belle asked Rumple, "So do you know why you brought me to the island?" {Claire much???}
  • Creepy Moment: The doll kept returning to Rumple. We know that his father gave it to him and that he abandoned, but I think there will be a lot more to this story.
  • What-The-Heck Moment: So did Charming try to warn Snow of a flying arrow {or something} and then she accidentally slice him with her sword? Is that really what just happened? Granted, I was quickly jotting notes for this blog during that scene so I missed the actual impact. So if I'm wrong about my first impressions of the scene, correct me. However, if Snow really was so clumsy as to injure her husband like that, I'm left dumbfounded. She's like one of the most experienced fighter girls in this series, and then she just goes and cuts her prince open. Slow applause. UPDATE: I have since then learned that the injury was due to the fact that Charming jumped in front of Snow to take a poisoned arrow for her. So scratch the clumsy Snow White storyline, and fast applause for James! {no applause for my research methods...}
  • Touching Moment: MM & Emma had a heart to heart about how she felt as a foster child. How she was an orphan. It was a great moment. And it revealed the map.
  • Romance Moment: I think Hooma/Emmook are happening. Because "he wants to get to know you, love".
  • Cliffhanger: Pan's threatening Emma. Rumple's being chased by a doll. And Charming's cut is infected.
  • Next Episode: TINKERBELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya next week!