Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OUAT: Good Form

So not only do we get a Will Turner 2.0 devoted episode, but also we get the . . . {SPOILER ALERT} . . . KISS HEARD AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!!! I don't normally do this, but go ahead watch it six more times. 

  • Best Moment: Well, duh, . . . wonder what that could be???? Four more times of the Hooka kiss {honestly, any combination of Emma/Hooks names sound weird}. Either way, yay for romance! And smexy stuff. 
  • Worst Moment: I really did not care AT ALL for Killian's older brother, Liam. I mean, what the what? He's all like "I'll prove this poison is not a poison by applying this poison that is not a poison to my body". Ya, okay, Sherlock. Everyone saw your death coming seven miles away.
  • Twisted Moment: Everything from Henry almost shooting Pan with the crossbow arrow two weeks ago to his magical sword to his slashing opposite Lost Boy across the cheek is crazy. Crazy awesome! And twisted. Don't forget twisted. But awesome.
  • Girl Power Moment: Okay, I've never loved Regina more than before I did in this episode. The way she rolled up her sleeves to take out the Lost Boy's heart to do what needed to be done to give Henry some hope. You go, Evil Queen {EQ for short}. Also a plus, plus - Emma siding with EQ to save "our son" and then bodily restraining her mama in order to get the job down. THESE GIRLS ARE ON FIIIIIIRRRRREEEE!!!!!!!!
  • Annoying Moment: Did Hook REALLY have to invent the sexton story in order to get Prince Charming to the top of the mountain to give him the magic, Neverland water? I'm pretty certain that James woulda followed him up there for the hope of the water since he accepted it so readily at the top of the climb. Also, I'm pretty sure Hook coulda offered up this information a lot sooner. Oh drama-writing, though art a heartless . . . something.
  • Magic Moment: The Jolly Roger is a-flying!
  • Character Moment: I really want to see more Peter Pan & Hook interaction. Their first meeting and subsequent meetings were the bomb. More please! However, I am very glad that Hook & James' bromance stood the test of time against Pan's romantic getaway offer.
  • Father Moment: James being all daddy-o over Emma. Coming at Hook with an old-fashioned shotgun.
  • Intriguing Moment: Pan gave Hook a flask of "rum", but what if it is really magic-Neverland-water??? That would mean not only is Prince Charming stuck on the island, but Snow and Emma are right alongside him. Regina is the only one home free!
  • Romance Moment: Makeout episode alert!!!!! 
  • Crossover Moment: "As you wish". And what he really meant was, "I love you."
  • Cliffhanger: Pan delivered the "Neal is alive and in Neverland" news to the reformed Hook and then strung said Neal up in a tree beside an unknown.
  • Next Episode: ARIEL!!!! Will be part of our crazy OUAT world!

Happy Tuesday!


Alissa said... [Reply to comment]

I have never seen this show before but it looks so clever!