Monday, September 02, 2013

My Last First Day

How do you like that chalkboard art???

I confess, I have been waiting to write this blogpost for a long time. Probably since last year around this time when I was going into third year and wishing it was my last time going back to school. Well now it is, and tomorrow marks my LAST FIRST DAY of this wonderful journey we call college/nursing school. 

Four years ago, I didn't know any of my wonderful 30 fellow nursing students who have been there for me through thick and thin. Four years ago, I didn't really know anybody at the college, let's be honest. I didn't know what an OSCE was. What a scholarly paper was. What APA was. What CBL was. Ok, let's be fair, I didn't actually know what nursing was {hint: it's not like you see on that TV}. 

But now I'm facing my last year . . . my last everything. Last orientation. Last clinical. Last CBL. Last tuition {yay}. Last textbooks. Last labs. And here we go, let the countdown begin!

Happy Monday & Happy Back-To-School!

P.S. Tune in tomorrow for the start of my participation in Blogtember!