Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Songs: “They’ll Tell You Now You’re The Lucky One”

People call me an “old soul”. My great aunt called me one. My work supervisor called me one. People the same age as me call me one . . . friends, coworkers, classmates, etc.  The interwebs tell me that an old soul is someone who is wiser or more serious than the world around them. And here I thought it was someone who is old-fashioned. But despite all the confused definitions, here is why I think I am an old soul.

+ I still believe in chivalry. Despite our gender-neutral society, I do believe that men and women have equally important but very different roles to play in our world. And chivalry is a part of a role.
+ I still believe in respect. This pertains to respect of elders or respect of authority figures or respect of country. We have done nothing to be so fortunate as to be where we are today, and usually we owe it to someone or something that is beyond ourselves.
+ I still believe in the sanctity of marriage. One man. One woman. Going out under the blessing of the family and their community. Saving themselves for each other. Divorce isn’t an option. You get the picture.
+ I still believe in discipline and right and wrong. Don’t get me wrong, our culture has made huge progress in equal rights and everyone has a voice. But I think we tend to err on the side of tolerance now. And that can have serious consequences as well.
+ I still believe in an Almighty God. Not the god within yourself. Not the many ways to god. But God, and the way to Him is through His Son, Jesus.

Now, that is a lot to say in one short blogpost, and it’s easy to stand up for these things behind the comfort of my computer screen. But for me, it is incentive to stand up for these things in every day life, even if it costs me. And if that labels me an old soul, I’ll take the label gladly.

My song doesn’t have a lot to do with being an old soul or morals and values, but my girl Taylor’s “The Lucky One” talks about how we say it always gets better for the future generation that they are lucky ones. However, I do think we’ll find it harder for us lucky ones to be old souls. Something to ponder on . . . .

Happy Monday!