Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Songs: "So Take The Photographs And Still Frames In Your Mind"

I love getting mail, but you know what I love getting even more?? Packages. Even if I order them myself and I know the contents inside and date of arrival, there is still such a thrill when you open the door and there it is. Your box from Amazon. So here is a breakdown of my latest purchases:
  • Emergency & Critical Care Pocket Guide. I'm hoping this little baby comes in handy in my last year of nursing school. It is full of goodness with topics such as ACLS, Airway, Breathing, Drugs, and Pediatrics. Since I applied to do my practicum in the ER, I think that I will be refering to this little booklet often.
  • Once Upon A Time Season Two!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, right!?!?!? If you are a frequent reader of my blog {or just an occasional one for that matter}, you may have noticed my obsession for this fairytale TV show. And with good reason. Check out my weekly recaps {shameless plug} from previous episodes, and be sure to check in on Monday, September 30th for a full recap of the season three premiere. 
  • Titanic. Because I can't believe I haven't owned this until now. 
  • A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. Most bloggers have stumbled across Elsie & Emma's blog A Beautiful Mess at some point in their blogging history, and it is definitely a frequent favourite of mine. So when I read that they were writing a photography book, I had to pre-order it. And it arrived! So I've been busy reading, studying, and practicing. I love it!
So there you have it. And the reason I chose Green Day's song "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" as my Summer Songs choice of the day was because of my latest inspiration to photograph the seemingly small and insignificant things of life. Like my purchases from Amazon.

Happy Friday!