Monday, August 05, 2013

Summer Songs: "It Has A Real Good Radio" & I Confess

I confess ... last week was all Hunter Hayes. This week is going to be Kira Isabella. Just bought her whole album and am obsessed. I think this Country Music Summer thing is really impacting my life, musically and otherwise. Her song "A Real Good Radio" is the title of this Summer Songs post, and my other two favourites are "A Little More Work" and "Little White Church". Plus she's Canadian, so win, win.

I confess ... that I am ready for summer to be over. I know, I know. Last week I was all about preaching to enjoy the last month and blah blah blah. But I'm ready for school to start. More like I'm ready for August 23rd, because then it's vacation time and then school.

I confess ... that I just cannot get into vlogging. I try to watch other blogger's wonderful efforts, but I usually don't end up finishing them or watching them. Then I did one vlog, and I really didn't like it. So ya, great for others. Not for me.

I confess ... that I absolutely cannot wait until Miss Desiree from The Bachelorette makes her choice {or doesn't} in the final episode tonight. Last week's Brooks' drama was actually really heartbreaking for a reality TV show. To be honest, I think that was one of the bravest thing a contestant did on that show, because he could have taken the easy way out. He could've gone through with it all, proposed, and then broken up after the show was over. But he manned up and broke up. It sucks for Desiree though cause she was so into him. So now what's gonna happen!?!?!

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