Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Songs: "Someone Tell Me When/Can I Start Again/And Rewrite This Story"

Recently a very sad thing happened in our community. A political celebrity was involved in an illegal scandal that led to not only social downfall but also public disgrace. It was quite sad, because I, like so many I'm sure, had put our faith in this person to do their job for the betterment of our community. And now, because of this serious mistake, that person has lost credibility and faith. 

I was at work last week, and this person came up in conversation. I was trying to take the side that I hope this politician would be able to pick himself back up and get a new start. But I know that's not always the case. Unfortunately, we all fall and make mistakes and do bad things. The only difference is that my mistakes aren't made public or splashed all across the radio or Facebook. 

Last week, I made a mistake in my life. One that will have consequence that extend past that time in space. And it saddens me. But now, it is my reaction that decides where I go again. Will I stay down and let this mistake become my identity? Or will I get back up and seek to become a better person than before? Stronger. More durable. More of me. Who knows? But I know that every day is a new chance to walk away from our mistakes and embrace the life we were born to live.

The song this week is from the cancelled TV show Smash. It talks about rewriting our story. Yes, we cannot rewrite the past. But we can turn the page to a new chapter. We can Rewrite This Story.

Happy Friday!