Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Songs: "Shine Bright Like A Diamond"

How do you shine? No seriously, think about it. What is your sparkle???? I mentioned briefly in my birthweek post that some of the kids that I teach get my name confused and end up calling me Sparkle instead of Silver. To be honest I thinks it's 100% awesome. So what about you? If someone were to get your name confused with a noun or an adjective, what would it be? 

Everybody gives off a light. Some shine fierce. Some harsh. Some dim. Some grow and wane continuously. Some are consistent. Some go out never to come back. And then there are those who shine . . .  bright . . . like a diamond. We all know those people. Strong isn't a good enough word to attribute to them, and yet it is the only word we can find. They have a fearless yet humble attitude no matter the situation. You are drawn to them but cannot explain why. When they walk into a room, life is just beautiful. 

We all want to be that kind of a person. The kind that touches and lights up everyone's life as they walk along on their own path. But what is the secret? The secret is to find your light. Find your "sparkle" {if you will forgive the cheesy analogy}. And then let it out. Wear it boldy. Embody it. Tap into it each and every day. Dare I say, every moment? 

My sparkles are my faith, first and foremost. Without it, I wouldn't even have the ability to have a light. I would be dark without hope. It is my kindling, if you will. But then, my faith fuels the other parts in my life that shine. For example, this blog is a result of the creative side of my self. The same creative side that pushed me to sew the dress in the pictures above and below. Now, believe me when I say, this isn't a plug to say "look at me and how awesome my talents are". This is me saying "this is one of the ways that I try to shine". 

I often fail miserably at shining or sparkling or whatever you want to call it. But each moment that I am alive is an opportunity to try again. To embrace my faith. To put into action my creative side. To shine bright like a diamond {Diamonds by Rihanna. Second Rihanna song of the week . . . weird}. 

P. S. Here are the rest of the pictures from the maxi dress I sewed over the weekend. I got my inspiration from this Pinterest post.  

Happy Wednesday!
pleated poppy