Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Songs: "It's Just The Rainy Season"

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It has been one of the rainiest summers I have ever experienced this year. We had some pretty serious flooding over a month ago in our downtown area. Even the whole province was affected. This past weekend was just following suit as it rained pretty much all weekend. So basically my goal of getting a semblance of a tan this summer has been shot to pieces. Thank you, weatherman {we all need somebody to blame :P}.

Segway into life lesson.

We all have rainy seasons in our life. The ones where we just want to go outside and just enjoy some sunshine, but we can't catch a break. The ones where as much as we try to avoid the puddles, we end up stepping in the biggest one with only flimsy flip-flops on our feet. The ones where the clouds are so black and grey, we can't even remember what blue sky looks like. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Woah, that got heavy real fast." Yes, yes it did. But just stick with me.

I'm just gonna be all cheesy and say it, but it's the rain that makes things grow. The trees, plants, and grass are always greener after a rainfall. The air is always fresher. And the world is always cleaner. Every time. So are we. Every time we walk through a rainy season of life, we end up grown, fresher, and cleaner. Usually, we end up where we need to be with tools for our lives that enable us to be better.

So it's unfortunate that it takes a rainy season to make us better, but in hindsight, those are usually the times in our lives that needed some dirt washed away. So the song of the day is Hunter Hayes' "Rainy Season" {keeping with the Hunger Hayes Week}. Sure the song is about the end of a relationship, but you know what, in favour of the rain, I've been playing it a lot. It just fits, lol.

Happy Wednesday!