Monday, July 01, 2013

Summer Songs: "I Said Remember This Moment" {Birthweek Recap}

Here it is! The play-by-play of the wonderful invention known as the birthweek. For full details and explanations, click here or here. Anyho, here we go!

Sunday, June 23 @ 7:30pm: I won a photography session at a Volunteer Appreciation Picnic our church put on. Let the birthweek festivities begin!

Monday, June 24 @ 6:00pm: Sissy gives me a Starbucks cup for frappuccinos and cold drinks.

Monday, June 24 @ 7:00pm: A friend bakes me birthday cupcakes at our Bachelorette Monday Girls Night!

Tues, June 25 @ 5:30am: Early breakfasts are kinda a thing around these parts, and we celebrated mine on this day because Sissy was leaving to go home for 2 months. As per usual, I ordered my traditional breakfast - eggs benedict!

Thurs, June 27 @ 3:30pm: Birthday wishes from a dear coworker on my locker at work :) Some of the kids I teach get my name confused and call me Sparkle. No complaints :)

Thurs, June 27 @ 11:00pm: Birthday wishes from Newfoundland. I always love when I get happy birthdays before its my birthday in my time zone :)

Fri, June 28 {My Actual Birthday} @ 9:00am: Birthday mail from a very dear friend and a free Starbucks drink!

Fri, June 28 {My Actual Birthday} @ 10:00am: First I go and get pampered at the hair salon. Then I head to the mall for a two hour shopping spree. The results were two dresses, two pairs of sunglasses, a lacey tanktop, and a cropped denim jacket {which I've been searching for forever!!!}. 

Fri, June 28 {My Actual Birthday} @ 7:00pm: Birthday bonfire at one of my best friend's house {thats her and I in the first pic}. Her husband and she set it all up and I felt so honoured. Perfect way to end the day. The night was chalked full with friends and gifts and great conversations and s'mores!

Sat, June 29 @ 11:00am: My friend needs a model for a photoshoot, so I get to day a cowgirl-themed-foresty-shoot with him and a free lunch :P

It was a perfect week filled with a bunch of perfect moments {exactly like I wanted it to be}. Thank you SO MUCH to friends and family for all your efforts and love and embracing my silly birthweek theory. You really know how to make a gal feel special. Today's song is Long Live by Taylor Swift

Happy Monday & Happy Canada Day!