Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Songs: "I Don't Want Good/And I Don't Want Good Enough"

First of all, may I welcome you to the challenge within a challenge, because within the Summer Songs challenge, I officially declare it "Hunter Hayes Week" {we all know how much I like to randomly declare themes}. You see I just came into possession of his album and have been listening to it non-stop {much to the dismay and resistance of Brother when in the car}. Therefore, I have enough lyrics stored up to last all week! Secondly, due to the nature of the "I Want Crazy" lyrics of the day, I am writing my second relationship post ever within one month of the first one. Um, can someone say, what's going on? Cause I sure don't know. 

Today we're talking about standards. Some people call them morals. Some people label them values. Whatever you call it, the definition as it pertains to relationships {talking about romantic ones here} is as follows: principles and qualities you will not sacrifice for a potential significant other. Now before you jump to conclusions by thinking this is a "just say no" and "don't be pressured into anything" blogpost, hold on a couple of seconds. We're steering in a different direction.

Standards segway into goals and dreams.

I have goals and dreams for my future. For tomorrow. For next week. For the next ten years. We all do. It's a natural process of life. However, we can all classify our goals and dreams into two categories - WANTS and NEEDS. For example, when it comes to a romantic relationship, I NEED to have somebody who shares a close personal relationship with the Lord. On the other hand, I WANT to have somebody who appreciates and shares my love of theatre {go ahead, mock me, it's cheesy, I know}. But do you get what I'm getting at? So what do my WANTS and NEEDS have to do with standards?

Well, so often we fall into the trap of placing our NEEDS into the WANTS category, and then, not to be harsh, but we settle for less. You see, WANTS are disposable, and we can talk ourselves into and out of them. But our NEEDS, they are essential. So what happens when we begin to take principles and qualities out of our NEEDS category?? We end up with relationships that are substandard. And let's be honest. Nobody wants that. Truly. 

So how fitting are the Hunter Hayes' lyrics "I Don't Want Good/And I Don't Want Good Enough"? Your WANTS can be the wishy-washy part of the goals and dreams. But your NEEDS . . . your morals . . . your standards . . . don't settle for good enough with those. Just don't.

Happy Monday!