Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Songs

So I've been silent, but don't worry, it's because I have had an awesome idea brewing up for the past week and wanted time to think about it. I mentioned on my Facebook page {a great way to follow along with the latest posts} that a different feel is coming up on the blog, and well now I'm happy to announce that it's here! Welcome to Summer Songs!

Alright, here is a bit of background. I have been challenged to write {more on that in the first instalment of Summer Songs}. I have been a photography blog for awhile now, and I love doing that. However, I am always on to the latest and next challenge for this blog, and a writing challenge seemed like a wonderful solution. However, it's not just any writing challenge. It's a writing challenge with song lyrics as titles that reflect the mood of the day all summer long {hey, there is a song right there}!!!!!

I am so excited to finally announce this feature. I have already written several blogposts to contribute to this series, and I have many more brewing. Still expect photography to accompany the blogposts {I can't just nix the photos}. But also expect many more words. 

Again, I thought at first, maybe this would be a 10-part or 20-part or up-until-my-birthday series, but I wanted something more than that. So summer is the perfect timeframe, and I'll be sharing thoughts from my life with a little bit of music thrown in. Because you know, I love music! 

Now with any change, there comes fear and nervousness and "what will people think". But I've conquered those thoughts. My blog was always a creative expression of life, and this is just another way to express that creativity. I don't know what will become of it, but I am excited to begin. 

Welcome to Summer Songs on A Silver Snapshot!