Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Songs: "We're Happy, Free, Confused, And Lonely In The Best Way"

Alright, does anybody just declare things?? Like themes?? Like phases in life?? You see, I try to do this. But I meet resistance sometimes. I suppose people are just too mature or whatever to be bother with my silly little phases. Except they're not silly little phases to me. They are declarations. They are life. Haha, I suppose I should just explain myself. It would be easier.

Declaration #1: Country Music Summer. Basically this means you listen to as much country music as you can. Preferably in a car with the windows down and the volume on full blast. Or dancing around your room. Or blogging {right now "Highway Don't Care" is serenading me; love that song}. Summer 2013 just has a country music feel to it. Therefore, I officially declare this summer "Country Music Summer!

Declaration #2: Birthweeks. Ok, so here is my theory on birthdays. That is a lot of pressure for everyone to make one day special for them. So to take the pressure off of the day, and to spread out the celebrations a little more, I declare this week to be my birthweek. I enacted this declaration last year, and it was a fabulous thing. Instead of one big event happening on my actual birthday, I had a bunch of little things that happened all week long. And it was so much better! My birthday is on Friday, June 28th, and I hereby declare this week to be my birthweek! {P.S. You can read all about last year's birthweek here}.

This blog is an excellent way to document my random phases, challenges, declarations, what have you. I love doing & accomplishing things with a end date in sight. Summers Songs is one of those challenges. I think these little {perhaps even silly} goals we set for ourselves and accomplish give off the feelings of accomplishment and experience. I don't know what kind of declarations you are interested in, but I challenge you to make a couple for this summer. They don't have to be serious. They don't even have to be challenging. They just have to be you.

My lyrics today come from Taylor Swift's song "22". Yes, I am turning 24 not 22, but it seems to be the birthday song of the year. The song talks about the different phases us 20s gals go through, and since its bound to happen, let's embrace them and make a life out of them!

Happy Birthweek & Happy Monday!


List Addict said... [Reply to comment]

I totally agree with birth weeks. I like to have a birth week before the day and a birth week after. The pressure completely comes off the one day then. Keep declaring. Maturity is way over-rated!