Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Songs: "To Be With Myself And Center/Clarity, Peace, Serenity"

Praying that today is a good day. I hope that the kids I teach today are good and that I can be patient with them. I wonder if today will go slow or fast. After I work, I need to rush out of there to go to worship practice. So I should probably let my team lead know I need to be out of there in time to catch the bus. Catching the bus is sometimes so inconvenient. Just the other day I had to arrange a weird drop-off point due to road closures related to the downtown flooding. I can't wait until I have a bike. I should probably check the Canadian Tire website to see if my bike is in stock yet. Nope it isn't. I need to drop by there to speak with someone about that. I also need to go grocery shopping. Today I'm going to make a salad for lunch, but I won't have enough food to get me through many more days. Why didn't I go shopping last Sunday? Oh right, I was hanging out with my friend. That was a good day. Wait . . . wasn't I praying about today???? 

I think everybody's minds work like that. Have you ever sat there thinking and then all of sudden you realize you are thinking about your neighbour's sister's aunt's cousin's dog and you're stuck wondering how you got there??? Or what about conversations that you find yourself swept in and then begin asking, how did we get on this topic? Not only do our lives have to go a million miles an hour, but I find our thoughts are often subject to that speedy lifestyle. The worst part is when I begin speaking what I am thinking, but I haven't given any context to the people around me. So there I am saying something like "and then I wanted a purple one...." and my siblings look at me like I have five heads. But it makes for a good laugh {entertaining people one random thought at a time}.

There's something to be said for relaxing. And I don't mean a vacation to Hawaii relaxing {although if anyone feels like sending me on one of those I will put up little to no resistance}. I mean relaxing our minds. Relaxing our bodies. Relaxing our emotions. This past year {since about Christmas}, I finally began putting into practice the "one-day-of-rest" theory. Now, not only is this for Biblical reasons {I chose Sunday because it was the day I go to church and want to hang out with friends and family}, but it is for health reasons - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Once I began utilizing this one day of rest or my "day-off", I realized how protective I had to be. Work wanted me to come in for three hours. School or homework was calling my name. But no, it was my day to unwind. Read a book. Play Settlers with the family. Go out for lunch with friends. Slow down. My weeks are crazy enough without letting them run into each other with no break.

My song lyrics today come from Fergie's song "Big Girls Don't Cry". Haha, it's not the most appropriate song {hence the skipping of the music video and going with the "lyrics" version}. But there is something to be said of her lyrics: "To be with myself and center/Clarity, pease, serenity". I meet that and raise it another 100. Be with ourselves, but be with our God. Be with our family. Be with our friends. Just be.

"But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16."

Happy Wednesday {and Happy Birthweek}!