Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Songs: "Hey/I'm A Wildflower" {Birthday Post}

Sometimes I think I was born to be barefoot my entire life. I was meant to spend every day in a field of flowers with streams running nearby and a whole forest of adventure waiting. I am pretty certain I would have a fox as a pet, and my house would be a treehouse not unlike the one from the old movie Swiss Family Robinson. Every day I would wear fresh flowers in my hair.

Or I could live at a beach house. My little hut would be all one room with a hammock for a bed. There would be a firepit out front with a small grassy patch, but the rest is open sand. The waves would come and go, but I would be there roaming the ocean front forever.

Or I could live in a mountain cabin. I would have a great big husky dog for a pet and protector. I would provide my own food and only venture into civilization minimal times per year. I would have countless books and I would read and reread them every single day.

All of these random dreams to say  . . . sometimes we have parts of our personalities that reflect those environments. My beach house self comes out in the form of my hippie side. I actually did go barefoot once for an entire summer. I walked to and from work with no shoes. Yep, that happened. My mountain cabin hermit self comes out in the form of my independence and my love of reading. I just wish to know and learn stuff. But then my field of flowers comes out in the form of a wildflower personality. I am a bit . . . different??? I love creativity and the arts and uniqueness and picturesque-ness and experiences. That is how I am a wildflower.

I wanted a birthday song. And I saw these lyrics before I ever heard the song. But I decided that that would be the perfect song to celebrate my 24th birthweek/birthday. So this post is about my wildness and quirkiness and creativeness and hippie-ness and wildflower-ness. There will be a different post about the actual {wonderful} birthweek events. But today {and this year} it's about being a wildflower. {Song by The JaneDear Girls}

Happy Saturday {and Happy Birthweek!}